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Giving to Charity

At Holy Trinity we place great empasis on our partnerships with a number of charities which are close to our hearts including Kisiizi Hospital, Water Aid and Christian Aid. The PCC Charities sub-committee comes together at the start of each year to agree which charities will become each month's "Charity focus". We encourage members from the charitable organisation or from our congregation to talk about the work that each charity does at the Charity Focus service, and in this way we highlight the hard work that all these organisations do to improve the lives of others. 

The amount given to each month's chosen charity is the entire takings from all the services held at Holy Trinity on the second Sunday of each month. Additional contributions can be made to the selected charity at other times of the month by using the blue collecting envelopes that are available in church.

During December we supported three charities: The Children's Society, Padstones and Medecins Sans Frontieres.

This month, January 2018, we are again supporting the Church of Uganda's Kisiizi Hospital and School.   Kisiizi Hospital is situated in  south-west Uganda, between Kabale and Rukungiri. It is in the Kigezi highlands and is about 5,300 feet above sea level.  Kisiizi provides a wide range of medical services to a large area with patients travelling many miles to access care.

Last September Kisiizi was badly hit by serious floods, which affected the generator house and led to a power blackout.  Water supplies for drinking were also interrupted and some staff housing was cut off from the main hospital area.  Many people worked hard to restore services and to clear up the mud and debris carried by the flood waters. Even prisoners were conscripted to help!

This coming April, Kisiizi Hospital will be celebrating their Diamond Jubilee in the presence of the Archbishop of Uganda.

For further information about the hospital and school you can visit their website by clicking on the following link: kisiizi