Dates for Your Diary

Dates for Your Diary: 

Sunday 1st October: Harvest celebration, plans to be announced......

Sunday 4th October 10.30am Midweek Communion

Sunday 7th October 10.30am Kisiizi Friends' Day, Reading

Sunday 15th October Explore pop-up church

Sunday 28th October Light a Candle to Remember a Loved One

Sunday 28th October 3pm: All Souls Service

Mindful Walks
All Saints Church Marlow has launched a new mobile site that can turn a normal walk into a spiritual experience. Drawing on centuries of prayer and meditation, they have produced some guided walks that are designed for people of all faiths and none. There are routes around Marlow, but the app can be used anywhere. There are four walks - by water, in the woods, to a hilltop and to a bench. Marlow Mindful Walks 2023 (