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Cassa’s newsletter for late May 2019

Dear All,

As we draw to the end of the Easter season we come to Ascension on 30th May which begins ten days of prayer with the theme: 'Thy Kingdom Come'. Our Archbishop was in Rome and asked Pope Francis to say a few words on this. What he said is so inspiring that I thought I would share it with you. Please click here to watch it.

PMC Update:    One thing I found amazing in the report on our year of listening was the data about attendance figures in our church in comparison to the rest of the Church of England. Our figures place us on the 75th percentile for Sunday attendance and the 95th percentile for attendance at Christmas, this is very encouraging for us. 

Our Adaptive Missional Challenge decided at the away day is:

'God has helped us to notice the stress and time-pressures within our communities.  How can we learn to stop, find peace, and share that with others in our daily lives?'

Bishop Steven gave a series of talks at the Common Vision conference that I attended a couple of weeks ago, as part of my role as Assistant Area Dean. I thought they were so helpful when thinking about mission, that I would share them with you all. You can read them here:

PCC Update:   At the PCC meeting on Monday 20th May we discussed various matters to do with the maintenance and improvement of the Church and Churchyard. We agreed some 'smaller'  items: to purchase an upgraded second-hand photocopier, have various trees in the churchyard looked after, have a stonemason and gravedigger come and look at some of the graves which are in a bad state of repair. We also agreed to update our now rather tired looking website. 

Then we prioritised some more expensive items: first the lighting in the church, then the path and finally a servery at the back of the church. 

The PCC is very grateful for the hard work of the Buildings Team in getting quotes and speaking to experts. 

Climate Change:   As a Church, the Church of England encourages all Christians to be good stewards of the Creation. We are encouraged to pray about and act on climate change. Here are two ways you can do this:

 "The Time is Now" protest is being coordinated by The Climate Coalition and CAFOD, Christian Aid, RSPB, The Women’s Institute and is on the 26th June. Please let Nora know if you would like to go. 

The link to the 'climate emergency' petition is here:

Prayers for:   We have been asked to pray for Gaenor as she moves to a new post. Please also pray for Ali and Maggie as they recover from their operations. 

Blessings :-)


Reverend Cassa Messervy

Vicar of Holy Trinity Church

Assistant Area Dean, Amersham Deanery

01494 672496


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